Remote Teaching Models

To get started in organizing your class structure for remote teaching, here are some broad sample models you might want to utilize. There is no need to be rigid about using any one model as each class is unique.


The asynchronous to synchronous model is very practical as it allows students to engage in content and discussion on their own time while preserving the synchronous meeting time only for the most pertinent discourse. This is an ideal model for courses that are schedule for extensive on-site meeting times.

The synchronous meetings would most likely be scheduled during the time slot when the class would be meeting during regular university operations, but please be mindful of students in other time zones.

Mixing Canvas and Zoom is the suggested way to do this at The New School.


This model is similar to "async to sync," except that the synchronous meetings are with the instructor and individual students or small groups. Small seminars or studios in which students are working through capstone projects for the semester could function well with parts of this model. Meetings could be scheduled back-to-back during the traditional meeting time, or could be scattered to adapt to diverse time zones for students across the globe.

This model could be staggered with other models here on a week-by-week basis.

Mixing Canvas and Zoom are the suggested tools for this model at The New School.


The asynchronous model can be used when coursework is well organized and prepared in Canvas. For best outcomes, instructors should remain engaged with students throughout each week of the course, reinforcing the fact that all are actively engaging in the class activities.

Canvas is the suggested tool for this model at The New School.


This is a very direct model as it likely uses the scheduled time slot for a class, except that all are meeting on Zoom instead of the physical classroom. Faculty should be mindful of diverse time zones and will likely have best outcomes by sharing some information ahead of the scheduled class time.

Zoom is the suggested tool for this model at The New School.