Integrating Mural into an Online Course

Mural is a white-boarding and collaborative work digital platform that facilitates active planning and brainstorming in a digital space - recreating what a whiteboard, stickies, and dialog might do in a classroom or studio. The platform will allow individuals or groups to bring together on a virtual “board” documents, links, notes, illustrations, and other media to be able to work and iterate on a project. When the planning and shifting of information is complete, the work can then transition into a presentation for sharing and discussion beyond the platform. Many faculty across the university have been integrating Mural into their teaching, even before the rapid shift to online education due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With the goal of continuing to make The New School an innovative institution in how we teach and learn online, we are encouraging the use of Mural, and look forward to providing more news soon. For now, this page offers an introduction to the use of this tool and and how to gain access to it.

If you are only curious about Mural, consider waiting a couple weeks until our arrangement with Mural is more established to invite students into a class Mural instance. But if you feel confident about this exploration, please follow the steps on this page.

Integrating Mural as an Active Component in an Online Course

The New School's courses largely depend on Canvas and Zoom for course organization, interaction, and a mix of asynchronous and synchronous learning. In Canvas, students are placed within a class and find the semester’s course materials and asynchronous discourse. In Zoom, classes come together for live sessions and the sharing of ideas and media in active discussion.

Mural complements both of these platforms very well by facilitating asynchronous and synchronous interaction and presentation. See this example workflow:

Setting Up a Mural Account

Please follow the instructions here on creating a Mural account for your course:

Faculty Communication re Interim Mural Use: